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CIE A Level Certificates

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Posted: August 24, 2019

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Guidance and Personal Counselling

Guidance Counselling

The Lyceum assigns a Guidance Counsellor to each new student. The essence of Counselling at the school is to maintain an awareness of each student’s academic progress and to work through issues that may be impeding a student's progress.  Counsellors’ time and availability is posted, and students are encouraged to meet their counsellor regularly regardless of need, and at least once every 6 weeks. Counsellors strive to cultivate an atmosphere of trust and frequent conversations help this productive relationship.  When a student needs help, the counsellor either provides it or guides the student through the difficulty. 

Students may discuss any academic issue or difficulty with their guidance counsellor, and must see the counsellor before changing the course of study or dropping a course. For any change of subject, the academic counsellor’s recommendation/consent is required.  In addition to offering a listening ear and practical assistance, the counsellor is a source of reliable information regarding policy, procedure and opportunities at the school.  

The Lyceum also encourages a healthy partnership between the counsellor and parents of advisees. Counsellors may call or write to parents during the course of the academic year as often as necessary.  Counsellors are the contact person for parents and teachers when there is a concern about a student’s studies. Parents are advised to contact the counsellor when they have any concerns regarding their child’s studies or when they would like to make an appointment to meet any of their child’s teachers.  Appointments may be scheduled by calling the academic counsellors’ assistant.

Personal Counselling

Occasionally a student’s work or behaviour may suffer because of factors unrelated to school. Family bereavements, accidents, illness, domestic concerns, changes in routine, and relocation are examples of such situations. As schoolwork is often affected, it is helpful for the family to make the School aware of such factors at the time they occur. This will enable us to be more supportive and perhaps assist the student in managing any difficulties. Counselling for students with emotional and/or behavioural issues is also available on a completely confidential basis.

The Roundsquare Organization

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools which share a commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.

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