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Counselling for Higher Education

Advising and Support for University and College Entrance 

The Lyceum is dedicated to preparing its students for higher education. The counsellors guide students through the college and university admissions process, from the selection of appropriate institutions through acceptance of offers and follow-up documentation.


To work with students to help them achieve the university admissions that are the best for their needs.  We have no agenda, except what is best for the student.

  • To guide them to appropriate choices, by helping them ask the right questions and consider relevant factors
  • To support them in the application process
  • To give them the information they need to choose appropriately and the freedom to choose from among their options without influence


The Lyceum has a wide range of reference materials available:

  • Website:  Information documents on a wide range of College Counselling topics including general information, standardized testing, and documents focusing on different countries.  Students who are logged in can access these documents on the College Counselling page.
  • School Library: Reference books on colleges, the application process, and standardized testing.
  • College Counselling Office: Reference books and materials and an extensive library of university and college prospectuses for schools in Pakistan and around the world, as well as some in video and CD-ROM formats. Students are welcome to use these materials at school. The school obtains SAT registration and study materials for student use, and keeps reference copies of ACT, IELTS and TOEFL registration materials

Getting Started

The counsellors are available to meet with students throughout the school year (August – May), and students may receive as much individual counselling as they need. 

  • Starting to prepare for your future studies is as simple as a visit to the counselling offices, which are located on the first floor, opposite the Accounts Office, over the laboratories. Take the stairs next to the Canteen, and follow them to the left.
  • The College Counsellors will meet with students by appointment or on a walk in basis, depending on the time of year. Appointment sheets are posted on the Counsellors’ doors.
  • All students are encouraged to have at least one scheduled meeting between late February and May of their AI year, which is especially critical for those who plan to apply abroad.
    • Any student with an urgent question should feel free to contact a member of the College Counseling staff at any time
    • All students are encouraged to read the college counseling documents on The Lyceum website that are relevant to their plans.

The College Counselling staff is available to assist students and their parents in any way we can. We look forward to working with you.

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