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CIE A Level Certificates

Please note that all certificates must be picked up in person by the student or an authorized proxy. Instructions for collection

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Posted: August 24, 2019

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The Curriculum

The curriculum at The Lyceum is designed to prepare students for the AS and A level courses offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Students at The Lyceum elect to study in one of three general areas, Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, or Sciences.  Students take 3-4 elective A Level subjects and an English course.  Subject combinations offered to each entering class are listed in The Lyceum Application Package.


Mandatory English: AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level or A (Advanced) Level:

English General Paper (AS), English Language (AS or A), ​Global Perspectives and Research (AS)


Elective Subjects: A (Advanced) Level:

Mathematics Chemistry English Literature
Mathematics, Accelerated      Physics                               History                                
Mathematics, Further
Accounting Psychology
Computer Studies Economics Sociology
Biology Art  








Grading System and Attendance 

The grading scale at The Lyceum is stringent. High standards are set to encourage the students to strive in their studies, and a regular class attendance is required.  In order to remain enrolled in a course, a student must maintain a minimum D average.


Academic Calendar

Students take the AS Level examinations most subjects after the first year of study, and the A Level examinations after the second year.  A Level Art and Further Mathematics and AS Level English General and Global Perspectives and Research are taken following the second year of study.  Further Mathematics does not offer an AS Level examination and the AS Level exam in Art may be taken after the first year only with special permission. 
Each year of the two-year programme is divided into two marking and two examination periods.

First Year (AI Year)

Second Year (AII Year)

First Marking Period: Sep – Nov
Mid-Year Tests: December 
Second Marking Period: Jan – Mar
Final Examinations: April
Cambridge AS Level Exams: May-June
Examination Results: August
First Marking Period: Aug – Nov
Mid-Year Tests: December
Second Marking Period: Nov, Jan – Mar
Mock Examinations: April
Cambridge A Level Exams: May-June
Examination results: August








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