Spring Break

The Lyceum will remain closed for between Friday,23rd and Monday 26th February, inclusive. We wish all students, faculty and staff a restful and restorative break


School Calendar Jan-May 2018
Posted: Feb 20, 2018


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Student Life

Student Leadership is an essential part of The Lyceum curriculum and the school seeks to inspire each student to realize his or her full potential and unique worth. As a result, a Lyceum education consists of far more than academic preparation and the conventional after-school endeavours. A core element of our student community is participation and involvement in our House system comprising the four Houses of: Athens, Corinthe, Sparta and Troy. In addition to comprising a source of pride and a hub for our student community, the Houses also "compete" with each other through intramural sports and events. 

Lyceum Student Life

Elected Representatives The Prefects are a body of students who are elected after a stringent evaluation of ability, sense of responsibility and a degree of maturity. Students are assessed on their academic records for their complete term at school, conduct, and attendance. The purpose is to inculcate leadership qualities in students and at the same time liaise between administration and students, for a smooth running of the institution.

House Captains

Two House Captains each lead the four Houses of Athens (Red), Corinthe (Green), Sparta (Blue) and Troy (Yellow) in the arena of Sports and ECC Activities. In-house competitions contribute towards House points and the best House is awarded a trophy at the end of the academic year.

Society ChairsEach extra and co-Curricular society/club is headed by a group of students who are responsible for monitoring the attendance and conduct of its respective members. They plan the functioning of their societies and motivate the members to participate actively in its implementation.   

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