School Calendar Aug-Dec 2018

Posted: Sep 7, 2018

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November-December 2018
Mid-year Exam Timetables

A1 Exam Timetable Updated: 1/11/18
A2 Exam Timetable Updated 1/11/18

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We believe in the privacy of our community.

We do not provide a list of students attending the school.  From time-to-time, we will publish photographs of school events or graduations where the faces of students maybe seen, we do so only with their explicit permission, and do not associate those pictures with their names.  

For self-registrants (such as alumni and parents), we DO NOT sell, give or make these contact details public to any party.

We do not collect information that relates to your privacy to ensure that we do not expose your personal details.

If you have questions, please contact our office.

The Roundsquare Organization

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools which share a commitment beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility.

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