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School Calendar Jan-May 2018
Posted: Feb 20, 2018


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Co-Curricular Activities

A vital part of our philosophy is the belief that schools should have a purpose beyond that of simply preparing young people for examinations and higher studies.  With this in view, The Lyceum’s varied co-curricular programme provides our students with the possibility of further self-discovery and development through active participation in areas of their interest.  

Co-Curricular Activities


The LyTech society aims to create a culture among the student body with innovation and technology at the heart of it. We firmly believe that each student has within themselves the power to innovate and create. To foster student's passion for science and technology and to help them explore the innovators within themselves the society will conduct regular workshops for programming, robotics and design among many other things and also invite experts from technology We will invite experts from the tech industry to share their expertise and wisdom with the students. The society will give its members hands-on experience in using and adapting technology to suit their needs through educative and engaging activities.


Film Society

The Film Club holds an annual Film Festival of films made by students. The Film Club is also responsible for filming and editing all major school events. 


Lyceum's photography society aims to create a platform for amateur photographers to open their eyes to the world of light, colour and tones through interactive discussions, classes and field trips. 

Culinary Society

The society provides a platform to all students who love food and would like to learn more about cooking food. 


The journalism society compiles a monthly newsletter with articles submitted by students.  Members are introduced to concepts of  media ethics, layout and design.


A society for literature lovers, Lyterati hopes to promote a love of reading through book clubs, dialogues with established and aspiring writers and poets, writing courses and creative writing competitions.


This is an amateur drama society which enables students to find creative expression by participating in theatre productions in Urdu and/or English, in workshops and theatre games. LyTheatre stages two plays annually (one in Urdu and one in English).



The music society is made up of a diverse group of performers and artists alike.  The society plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for the school's major events like the welcome and farewell parties.  Throughout the year they entertain the school with energizing performances and competitions in addition to organizing an annual concert.

The Art Society

The society aims to promote art appreciation, participatory workshops and public art projects. 



LySlam is a Spoken Word Poetry society. Spoken Word is a modern form of poetry which encapsulates poetry, drama, music, rap and stand-up comedy into one, to present performances that are original, creative and entertaining. Members are encouraged not only to write and perform self-written pieces, but also to explore newer forms of the art. The school holds an annual Slam poetry night to celebrate our budding poets.  

The Business Society

The Business Society aims to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  The annual Lyceum Business games is an event that gives student members an opportunity to showcase their skills and is a trial platform for the business games and young entrepreneurs conference held annually at LUMS, Lahore, and also for many other business competitions held throughout the year.

The Debating Society

The Debate Society provides a platform for students to hone their debating and public speaking skills. Debating gives students an opportunity to gain confidence, helps them better understand world affairs and prepares them to compete in national and international competitions. Members are trained in how to participate in parliamentary debates and in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. The Lyceum Model UN team also participates in various national and international MUN conferences, like the ROTMUN in Karachi, LUMUN in Lahore and the Harvard MUN in Boston.

The Oracle 

“The Oracle” is a 200-page annual colour magazine/Year Book.  Students contribute high quality, original articles, poems, art work, photographs and coverage of events and activities under the following heads: creative writing, school life, art, sports, extra & co-curricular activities and community services.

Mathematika The society aims to encourage students to participate in mathematical competitions, stimulate interest in mathematics and provide a supportive atmosphere where students feel free to think out of the box and take risks. 

Liceo Comité CientificoThe mission of the society is to foster a culture of scientific learning that goes beyond classrooms through fun-filled and exciting adventures for the students. 

Religions For Peace

The society promotes peace and inclusivity through understanding the core essence of all religions whilst standing firm in one’s own faith.

Human Rights

Focusing on the well being of all human beings, this society brings to light the darkest moments of human history, and the brightest, to educate and inspire the youth at Lyceum.

Sirat ul Jannah

To volunteer with the goal of connecting and engaging with the children at a home for abandoned and at-risk youth in Karachi every Saturday.

Honour Society

To promote interactive learning by providing students an opportunity to volunteer to coach their peers in areas they are having trouble. 

Environment Society

The society promotes awareness for enviromental problems.

Mashal Academy

To develop an outreach program allowing students of the Lyceum to provide education to the children of Neelum Colony.


The Humane Society of the Lyceum, Lypaws is inspired by organisations such as PAWS, the RSPCA, and Humane Societies around the world, its goal is to advocate the humane treatment of animals, the protection of habitats for wildlife, and the placement of abandoned pets in caring homes.

Girl Up

This society is for individuals passionate about creating gender equality, breaking glass ceilings and educating themselves about feminism through community service projects and advocacy. 

Introduction to the Great Religions of the World

This course is designed to serve as an introduction to some of humankind's most widespread and enduring faith systems. The course will give students a good overview of the essentials doctrines, practices, sects, theologies, and arts of each of the world religions.

Critical, Social and Political Thought

Critical, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) Module is a space where active discussion takes place about the world around us. The module aims to explore and conceptualise these social issues with an alternative lens - one which allows to perceive the world and the future differently.  

Movements for Peace and Change


Seminar will focus on past and contemporary movements for peace and change.

Filmmaking: An Introduction

This module will focus heavily on film making and will devote an equal amount of time to all its stages, that is, pre-production, production, post-production. Each student will make a short film, which will be screened at the film festival in February.

Contemplating the Word(s) of God (Quran Studies)

In this module, we are going to closely study the chapters in the last section (Juz) of the Quran with a view to learning of the context of their revelation, their connections and congruences with other chapters, their internal arrangements and word choices, and the contributions these elements make to our understanding of the chapters' messages.

The Lyceum Adventure Club (LAC)

LAC organises trips to the Great Outdoors, open to all students depending on trip capacity. These excursions foster youth leadership through participation in wilderness outdoor activities and often offer the experience of a lifetime.

Sports at The Lyceum School

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Rowing
  • Scrabble
  • Table Tennis
  • Throwball
  • Rowing


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