‘Tut, tut’ and His Friend

He saw a bareback child on the footpath

And went “Tut, tut”, but his friend

Gave away to the one thin as a lath,

His own shirt, the one in trend.

He saw a woman scavenging for food

In the rubbish, and went “Tut, tut”.

But his friend gave her from his pocket (expression blued),

 A chocolate, perhaps she had a sweet tooth?

He saw a family, apparently lost for shelter,

And went “Tut, tut” but his friend

Took to his home, them and all their welter,

He just couldn’t leave them to fend.

And know this as you sit snug in your mansion,

That “Tut, tut” was Pity and his friend was Compassion.

And while all Pity did was be sorry,

It was his close friend Compassion, that took action.

By: Hira Suman (Class 2016)

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