The Theatre

Silence fell in the theatre hall as the lights began to dim out, slowly at first and then all at once. It is then that it became frighteningly dark and the murmurs began. Then as if with a flick of a switch a beam of light fell centre stage and the audience gasped collectively already taken aback by the sheer amount of light penetrating the darkness.

Without a moment’s waste, the sound of mystical music filled the room, there was a flurry of colors-red, green, golden that flashed the stage and brightened it up. The movements were slow then, they were fast but not so fast as to be a blur. Every few moments, things would stand still- but on the other end, there was no chaos. Not once.

Swords slashed through the air and birds cooed in the make believe jungle. Entranced faces if hypnotized by the art on display filled the rows of seats. No one budged from their seats or worried about what time it was. There was a rush of emotions within everyone, some in awe some in despair but none in disappointment.

Then, the drums rolled, it tune to the heartbeats and followed by songs of merriment, and the crowd added their voices to the chorus.

Finally, the parade ended when the bows were down and applause followed of color and movement. Some of the audience was smiling, their faces aglow, while some clapped away teary eyes. There was a flash of red and the curtain came down.

By: Fariha Parvaiz

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