Reflection; familiar to all, practised by many, understood by some. With each passing day we grow and we learn, though not always consciously. Our eyes perceive a lot more than what our minds are capable of withstanding. We often direct our attention toward odds and ends  that are important to us. And in this mere culpability we fail to capture what may have been vital to us, in the future if not the present.

A trip down memory lane makes us realize the true value of what we had earlier been unable to grasp. It is in that precise moment, we feel one step closer to have solved a fraction of the countless mysteries that life has to offer.

Reflection is not fancy. It is one of the simplest tasks among many that one should perform for self improvement and personal development. As daunting coping with the pace of the world may seem, one should never back down from availing the opportunity to reflect. Let us choose to look back on mistakes, regrets, pain, sorrow, despair, and channel the thoughts into a strive toward success, contentment, comfort, joy, and hopefulness.

Umer Farooq
Class of 2016


The red sweat-shirt appears to be black under a blue light. The absence of reflection hinders even this inanimate object from showcasing its true beauty.
Human beings, too, possess an inner beauty. My very favourite saying has always been ‘Children are not objects to be moulded, but rather mysteries to be unfolded’. It is only when we reflect upon ourselves, take steps into the past and discover how we have grown, can we get closer to our destination on the path of self-exploration.

Marzia Yaseen Ali
Class of 2016

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