Let the Youth!

Generations come and generations go
But gerontocracies are here to stay
Children are born and children grow
But do they get a chance? Nay

From Election commissions to parliaments
All is ruled by inert, the old
From Cricket boards to nuclear armaments
Everything is under old age’s fold

‘Old is gold’
‘With age comes wisdom’
‘Youth is too bold,
Hence unworthy of freedom’

Yes yes we’ve heard it all
Why old Julius was so great a king
But then, try and explain the fall
Of Aurangzeb, the great Mughal (wink)

It wasn’t age that failed man
Not age that brought misery
In fact it always superbly ran
The valued structures of this country

But tell me this, in this fast world
Should the aged be expected to lead?
New theories and realities have unfurled
It is the youth which today we need

So let it not flee, nor run away
Rather, make this the land of opportunity
Let the youth, for once, hold sway
And bring back our lost felicity

Let the youth guide and lead
Let it, this weak state, nurture
Let the youth live, indeed
And with a novel approach, introduce the future.

By: Hira Suman

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