English Drama: Peter and the Starcatcher

From the 26th till the 29th of February, LyTheatre presented “Peter and the Starcatcher” for its annual English Drama. For the first time the play took place in open air, the front area, at The Lyceum.

Peter and the Starcatcher tells the story of how an orphan boy (Sameer Nadeem Alam) becomes Peter Pan. Along with two other orphans, Prentiss (Yumna Salman Khan) and Ted (Huzaifa Murtaza), he has been sold to evil pirates, Bill Slank (Arwa Bashir) and Alf (Mohammad Jawad). On the other hand, is Molly Aster (Zoha Faisal), a starcatcher in training who has been placed under the care of Mrs. Bumbrake (Fabeha Shahab), while her mother Lady Lavinia Aster (Maryam Asim Raza) embarks on the Queen’s mission to throw all the starstuff in Mount Jalapeno.

However, also following the treasure closely is Black Stache (Mohammad Abrar) along with his right-hand man, Smee (Hasan ul Haq) who plan to rule the world using starstuff. However, they must first take over ‘The Wasp’, Captain Scott’s (Areeba Saeed) ship. The dynamic shifts on stage as the three orphans’ cross paths with Molly Aster, and with her help, escape from the grasps of the evil pirates. As Molly instills hope in the three orphans’, they set out to rescue her mother from the grasps of Black Stache, who will go to any length to acquire the starstuff. Every scene, we see the orphan boy; lonely, hopeless and nameless, grow to become Peter Pan.

The show transfixes you for two hours, sparking your imagination on a level that you probably haven’t felt since you were young, truly bringing out the child in each and every one of us. Creativity overflowed from the performance, from the actors becoming the doors, the ship, and the crocodile, to speaking to the audience to narrate their stories. Even if you did not listen to the dialogues, the struggle of every character against their sorrows was evident in their body language and eyes, reflecting on the absolutely brilliant preparation done by the cast and crew. The set furthered this creativity and imagination, from the stars above your head, to the ocean and its waves, nothing was left out.

How even the most serious moments in the play were made comical and to seem lighthearted was another aspect to be applauded. As every actor embodied their character in the truest sense, every dialogue, action and expression came to life to put up a spectacular performance.

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Mustafa Quadir

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