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English Drama: Peter and the Starcatcher

From the 26th till the 29th of February, LyTheatre presented “Peter and the Starcatcher” for its annual English Drama. For the first time the play took place in open air, the front area, at...

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I walked into the school with a broken heel but an unbroken resolve to make this a memorable night. I had to rush around bare feet while vigorously mixing squash. “What an unromantic start...

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  Compassion is sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others. It is the name given to the genuine care for those in need.  It involves empathy and altruism; the selfless...

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A Different Place

It was midnight when I found myself wide awake, struggling for the oxygen that my lungs craved for. Little soundless cries beneath a surface alien to me, yet in ways, so familiar. Drowning had...

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Peace is creating, Creating an environment for all of us, To work for peace to make a child smile. Peace is to believe, To be the change, To stop the suffering, The violence, To...

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In the village a sage should go about like a bee, which not harming flower, color, or scent, flies off with the nectar. The Dhammapada