What is Compassion?

It is the relief in the exhausted eyes of a mother,

When she watches her sick child sleep a peaceful sleep.

It is offering your jacket, on a cold night,

To a shivering, shabbily dressed kid out on the street.

It’s when you offer a hand to an old lady,

With all those heavy groceries she’s carrying alone.

And each time you get a new piece of clothing,

Compassion is giving away something old.

It is the pangs of hunger the brother bears,

As he gives away the last piece of bread to his sister.

It is the fear of terrible loss as the leader stands,

For his powerless friends against an oppressor.

It is volunteering at an orphanage,

Or serving food at a homeless shelter.

It is pulling over on the highway in heavy rain,

To help out someone with a busted tire.

To feel sorrow for another’s loss,

To be kind and generous and honest.

To breathe and live and love in harmony,

To be humane is compassion in its purest

Submitted by: Sarah Irfan (Class 2016)

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