Monthly Archive: August 2015

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The Theatre

Silence fell in the theatre hall as the lights began to dim out, slowly at first and then all at once. It is then that it became frighteningly dark and the murmurs began. Then...

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Let the Youth!

Generations come and generations go But gerontocracies are here to stay Children are born and children grow But do they get a chance? Nay From Election commissions to parliaments All is ruled by inert,...

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In the village a sage should go about like a bee, which not harming flower, color, or scent, flies off with the nectar. The Dhammapada

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Shades of White

Us people, we overthink, over calculate, and over complicate the simplest and most mundane tasks imaginable; after which we spend hours and even lifetimes pondering on the ‘what ifs’. However it is our blunders...